Industry variations – And as shown above, there is some salary difference for the same position based on the exact industry in which the organization is operating. Browse the top-rated undergrad & graduate degree programs, professional certificates, and self-paced online training courses matching the CompTIA Security+ Certification and related career tracks. These top-rated online courses and degrees in cybersecurity are currently enrolling students. has the perfect solution to cater to the professionals. It provides and connects to the global employers with a unique digital platform round the clock. Having a strong portfolio can raise your market value and help you negotiate a higher salary. It is imperative to keep updating and refining your portfolio, especially as you acquire new skills and experience.

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Lastly, the CompTIA Security+ certification fulfills DoD 8570 regulatory requirements. Federal, State, and Local government roles will require a Security+ from their employees. This makes the Security+ the ideal certification for those seeking government positions. The CompTIA Security+ has consistently remained the world’s most popular cybersecurity certification for several reasons.

Is CompTIA Security+ Worth it?

Obviously, the longer you work in the industry, the better your prospects will be and the more likely you will slide into a full-time security role. Obviously, this gap will create an increasing demand for qualified security professionals and push salaries up accordingly. CompTIA found that 62% of managers in the U.S. who were hiring for IT positions indicated that security skills are a “must have” to be considered for a position. The location of your targeted company is the first factor that can affect your network analyst salary. It is so because the cost of living and any financial expenses in various geographical locations differ from each other.

You will get better compensation at more prominent companies than startups or SMEs. Hence, if you are seeking jobs that pay higher salary you need to gain some relevant experience in the stated field and be recognized as an established professional who deserves higher paychecks. Take a look at the information security analyst salary difference in different regions of the United States.


An exam voucher which allows the user to take one of the 2 required exams is $219. Bundles can be purchased that include access to an online practice tool called CertMaster, and an e-book is about $399 per exam. Certifications are valid for 3 years and can be renewed by taking continuing education courses or by obtaining a higher level of CompTIA certification.

This net+ salary is a proof of proficiency in maintaining, running, troubleshooting, configuring and installing computer network infrastructures. This is especially important for companies that have bigger computer networks connecting hundreds or even thousands of employees.

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This means that the exam teaches cybersecurity concepts without relying on a specific vendor’s hardware or software. For example, students will learn general practices when learning how to configure a Security Event and Information Management device but won’t be taught specific commands related to one vendor’s SEIM.

Is the CompTIA Security worth it?

When it comes to cybersecurity, CompTIA Security+ is an excellent starting point for IT professionals who want to move on to higher certifications. IT skills you will learn with CompTIA Security+ include: Identifying threats and vulnerabilities before they can infiltrate IS is essential.

That’s why it’s generally the first cybersecurity certification professionals will earn. Certification especially in the field of information technology is becoming very important. Although there are openings, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find the right talent to fill the void. And since there is no margin for error in hiring a bad employee, most employers rely on certification as a way of knowing that an individual possesses the required skill sets to perform a certain job. It will also help you to get promotion and better salary than those who are not certified.

When researching salaries and aiming your career at specific job titles, remember that you may see a range of salaries for one particular job because some companies and geographies will pay more than others. Companies that pay more may also demand more, in terms of experience or responsibilities.

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